Saturday, February 23, 2019


Warm Up: 
 Crab crawls 
Sea Turtle Lunges 
Sand Starfish (similar to snow angels) 

 Skill Focus: 
 Swimming in the ocean (Supermans) 
Grab the Coconut (Jump Squats) 

Board the ship and sail to different islands: 
1st Island- Treasure Island - 20secs Donkey kicks to open chest 
2nd Island- Starfish Islands - 20secs Star Jumps 
3rd Island- Coconut Island- 20secs Jump Squats 
4th Island- Baby Shark Island- 20secs bear crawl 

Baby Shark, what time is Lunch Shipwrecked - kids have to dodge the “iceberg” (large soft ball), as coach tries to roll ball to legs.

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