Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CrossFit Kids

X-Fit dodgeball 
Yellow- 5 jumping jacks -blue-4 air squats - red- 3 burpees -green- 6 high knees -orange- 8 mt climbers 

Push Ups. (Start from bottom) Plank "waterfall" competition with holding perfect plank until the first person falls and then the next can go down Etc etc.. If you fall before the person in front of you you have to do burpees until the round is over. Emphasized straight backs. No butts in the air and hands under your shoulders. Modified with knee planks 

2x Station (6) Rotations (20 on 10 rest move to next station) -battle ropes -air squats -mt climbers -sit ups -burpees -push ups 

Messy Room -kids all start in two teams with equal amounts of ball on their side.. Object is to get as many of the objects "cleaned up" from your side and to the other teams side "room" in a set time limit.

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