Friday, March 27, 2015


Butt kicks down--> High knees up--> Inch worm half way-->Bear crawl half way--> Both again Shuffle up and back leading with a different foot-->Samson stretch whole way long pause for stretch-->Jog back 

Then 3 rounds of 10 air squats 5 push-ups 5 (alt lunges l/r) 

In the beginning I had them take 5 BIG pulls for me to see where they stood meter wise and what their 500 meter row split looked like at different resistance levels (7/6/5) and discussed why the meters/ splits could have change or why they might not have... 

For time:
250 m row 
10 air squats 
5 push-ups 
5 sit ups 
500 m row 
20 air squats 
10 push ups 
10 sit ups 
750 m row 
30 air squats 
15 push-ups 
15 sit ups 

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