Sunday, February 19, 2017


Numbers Day 
Pushup/stink bug pushups 

Warm up:
 Dice roll. Each child took a turn rolling the dice, and the number shown on the dice was the number of reputations we did of: 
1) Squats 
2) Burpees 
3) Jumping Jacks 
4) Lunges 
5) Pushups 

Four Corners Set up three areas, each with a different movement, and place a number next to the station. Set up an area as a starting point, 0, home 0 - Home 1 - 10 Plate Jumps (set up in a circle) 2 - 5 squat jump 
3 - 10 Jumping Jacks 

 The coach calls a number, and the kids go from 0 (home) to the number, complete the movement and run back to home. Repeat. 

Squat Potato Number Train - the kids sit in a line, one behind the other, and pass a ball overhead to the person sitting behind, and run to the back of the line. Continue until we reach the end of the gym. Cookie Monster

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