Friday, May 24, 2013

Teen Gauntlet

CrossFit KOP will be hosting the Teen Gauntlet on Sunday.  Spots are filled but please join us to cheer on our youth! This will be a competition not to be missed!

Workouts are:

WOD 1a/1b (scored as two separate WODS) 
“Randy Interrupted” (10:00 time cap)
(1a) 3:00 AMRAP Power snatch
Varsity: 75#/55# JV: 45#/35# Novice: 25#/15#
Immediately into (1b) 2:00 AMRAP Double-jump burpees over barbell
Immediately back to power snatches until total of 75 reps achieved
Score for 1a is total time (including 2:00 burpee AMRAP) to complete 75 reps of power snatch. Score for 1b is total reps of double-jump burpees.

WOD 2a-e
“One Day in Gym Class” Each station to be scored as separate WOD.

(2a) Max set: strict pull-ups (score is total reps) (2b) Max set: push-ups (score is total reps) (2c) Max set: toes-to-bar (score is total reps) (2d) Standing broad jump (two attempts will be allowed; athlete will have 1:00 to complete both attempts. Score is the longest of the two jumps, rounded down to the nearest half inch)
(2e) 4 x 25-meter shuttle run (score is time) Athletes will line up in the order of their heat numbers and make ONE pass through each station.

“Last Teen Standing” (15:00 time cap)

In the first minute perform 1 thruster and 1 box jump, in the second minute perform 2 thrusters and 2 box jumps, in the third minute perform 3 thrusters and 3 box jumps, and so on, until the required number of reps cannot be performed within the minute.
Thruster Varsity: 95#/65#
JV: 55#/45# Novice: 35#/25#
Box Jump Varsity: 24”/20”
JV: 24”/20” Novice: 20”/20”
Score is total reps.

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