Friday, May 11, 2018

Steve's Club King of Prussia

This is Johnathan, an athlete at Steve's Club King of Prussia in Pennsylvania. Read his success story.

"I was able to start doing CrossFit almost 2 years ago because of Steve's Club King of Prussia and It has effected my life in many ways. I have not only gotten healthier and stronger but I have also learned if I work hard, I am able to reach goals I wouldn't have thought possible. Because of Steve's Club I have had the opportunity to compete in weightlifting meets, the CrossFit Open, and Teen Competitions. I also got to go to Leadership Camp last summer where I got to meet friends from all over the country that like to workout and lift like I do. I am thankful for Steve's Club because of people I have gotten to meet. I have made so many friends. The kind of people I am around at the gym, make me better. Participating in CrossFit has also made me less shy. I am not afraid to speak to new people and I have been able to make more friends at school. I am truly grateful for everything Steve's Club and CrossFit has done for my life."

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Steve's Club National Program's Annual Report

Our chapter of Steve's Club; Steve's Club King of Prussia provides free CrossFit classes and weightlifting programs for local disadvantaged youth. Through your support not only are they able to attend our programs, but we also provide assistance for competitions, meet registrations, travel expenses, Steve's Club Leadership camp registration, purchases of equipment and gear for our kids. 

 Steve's Club King of Prussia will be our 
check in for charity May 2018 through September 2018! 

 Please check in on social media at the gym and use the hash tags #checkinforcharity and #isupportstevesclub and consider pledging your own donation of a certain amount per every check in we receive (or give a one time donation or specific monthly amount) On average we receive anywhere from 200-350 check ins each month, lets increase that number!! Donations are tax deductible! 

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 Steve's Club King of Prussia!

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